What would You like me to write about ?

Halp !

ok Folks, we’re in this together. What would you like me to address on this blog of ours? I’m looking for your feedback.

  • Did I miss anything ?
  • Got any burning questions?
  • Did I mention a CADcept I haven’t yet defined ?
  • Am I not making sense at all? Actually, please comment on the post that doesn’t make sense so we can keep those thoughts focused.

Please add a comment below with your suggestions and I will follow them up. All of them. Especially yours.

Do you want a discussion forum on this site?

Please leave a comment here or send me a message on my contact page if you would like me to start a discussion forum here on all things Broadcast Systems Design and Documentation.

If I set up a forum you would need to register or use OpenID (which is a much better idea) to post on it. If you don’t know what OpenID is, follow the link – it is a great innovation.

If I get a few starters I’ll set one up.