a Warning Dear Gentle CADperson

KidsAndCrocs300 Contained in this site and blog herein amongst some pearls of wisdom and tutelage from the School of Life and Hard Knocks are at least one or two opinionated rants masquerading as fact. This site is based wholly and comprehensively on my many years of experience in messing things up then going back to put them right and/or actually stumbling on an acceptably efficient method in my first attempt. I have been doing CAD for a while now and I’m still learning. Let’s learn together because none of us is as smart as all of us

The arrogant fool in me would like to think I’m smarter than you but, alas, thus is not the case. We are each of us equally talented in our own special ways and mine is cyber-squatting this idea first. This is a golden opportunity for you to put my “facts” right.

It’s my blog so here are my rules

  • Be respectful. No personal attacks. Behave! As a last resort I will name and shame and then ban anybody who flames or personally attacks anyone on these blogs / forums / rants. It’s my blog and I’ll do all the flaming around here, ok?
  • The opinions herein do represent those of the Management at the time of writing. However, I have been wrong before (it was some time in the mid-80’s) and, statistically, I expect to be wrong again sometime soon. A big part of my reasons for embarquing on this Endeavour (sailors and Australians will get that none) is to be proven wrong – gently please. That’s how I learn. Please reward my efforts by contributing to that.
  • Just to stimulate and simulate discussion I’ll reiterate myself. I cordially invite you to contribute to the conversations here. It’s ok to be wrong once in a while. The only people who are never wrong are teenagers: just ask ‘em – they’ll tell ya. Let’s figure this thing out together.
  • Spamming, selling and general foul play will get you banned (quiet warnings for minor offences). As a reward for severe offenders I will contact your ISP and/or upstream Host.
  • I hate spam. Your email address will never be published. It is requested simply to verify your humanity and for me to personally follow up on something I may find curious.
  • Be assured that any identifying information you provide is used only by this site for the reason you provided it . At this stage I’m fine with dispensing with registering and logging in to leave comments (unless the spammers attack then it’s a lock-down) although I do like to see Gravatars – they make it more “real”. I will never give away or sell any lists. I don’t even keep any lists. I don’t believe in mailing lists – that’s what RSS subscriptions are for. If you happen to subscribe to this blog via Feedburner then they take care of all that stuff, not me. Use RSS to come and go as you please. It rocks. Tell your friends.
  • I will, rarely (shuddup), swear. This is done for rhetorical effect and not just because I’m foul-mouthed. That could be a lie. I would, however, appreciate it if you kept the foul language to a dull roar. If you really feel you can’t type an adjective longer than four letters then let that be your prerogative. If it offends me (or others) I’ll censor it.
  • I tend to go off on tangents (and arctangents). Deal with it and thank your lucky stars you didn’t marry me. I like to think it’s a sign of genius but it could just be my short attention sp
  • I’m writing this in a cafe waiting for my car to be serviced. Mechanics are road-testing Mustangs up and down the street – cool. My car is not a Mustang – not so cool. I told you about the tangents, didn’t I? [update] it’s a year later and I am still writing this only now I’m sitting in a beer garden on a scorching hot Sydney spring day.
  • I reserve the right to add, delete and change any or all of these rules merely at whim. Why not? It’s my site.
  • This is not the Spanish Inquisition so let’s just relax a little. By “Rules” I mean “Guidelines”.

Some time in the not-too-distant future, depending on whether you want it or not …If you’d like to start a discussion topic or ask a question I may set up a CADforum. If interesting blog comments (or CADforum topics, if I set one up) go off on a tangent then don’t be too surprised if I start a new post based on that tangent. I’ll make a concerted effort to credit the originator of the idea which is a golden reason as to why you should perhaps invest in an OpenID and put you name (or pseudo name) & Gravatar on comments etc. Go on, all the kids are doing it.

So there it is. Welcome to CADbloke.com – please, make yourself at home. I’d love to hear your feedback.