ACNE Doesn’t Like Apostrophes

ApostropheIf you’re using ACNE then don’t use any apostrophes in your block attributes. They (apparently) mess up an internal query when it is parsing drawings which I am presuming results in lost data.

If you’re wondering whether you have this problem or not, look at C:ACNELog.txt and search for the word “syntax”. If you want to be even more thorough, search for the word “error”. If you find one that puzzles you, post a comment here and we’ll see if we can solve the mystery together.

On another note, my humble apologies for my lack of posts here. I have had a busy year so far. There are plenty of half-written posts just waiting or me to refine them into something sensible so they can see the light of day. I hope to get more posts up after the next month or so.

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