CADtools – the early years

My first Find and Replace tool

Generates a sequence of attributes
I wrote this Attribute Generator to generate series of attributes, rather than copy … click … edit … copy …click … zzzz. As you can see I’m no UI expert. It ain’t pretty but it has saved me a lot of time over the years. The settings at the top-left are for generating ACNE-compatible attributes. It also generates in the correct order so you can bulk-select them and they will be in the correct order when you make a block of them. As you can see, I lost interest when it cam to making them different colours.
some tools I have butchered in LISP
LISP isn’t my favourite language but I’ve written (and butchered) a few routines that speed up my day. Quite a few of them are modified versions of the inbuilt ones (BX-BI is ATTOUT-ATTIN with a lot less clicks). I have far more sophisticated versions in the works.

As it stands I have a ton of ideas logged in my FogBugz tracker and some of them are partially coded. I posted my survey to assess the viability of developing these with a lot more finesse to sell them, or should I just hack them together for myself?

Please, let me know by taking my survey.

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