CAD tools survey 2011

For an explanation of the sort of tools I am referring to in this survey, please see

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A summary of the results of this survey is published at It will update automagically as more responses are received.

If you have a suggestion for a CAD tool you want to see please add it, and vote for them at


2 thoughts on “CAD tools survey 2011

  1. Setting up new attributes with blocks can be real cumbersome if you don’t do it often. The other item is managing Xref files to the parent drawing. If I have a new version of a parent drawing and wish to use the existing xrefs which are located outside the new project folder, I often have to manually attached the xrefs to the new dwg. There is supposed to be an expresstool for this, but I couldn’t make it work. Good Luck!

    1. Hi Michel
      I have a few methods for building blocks with attributes, which I really should blog about here. Like a lot of my tools, I have dozens of half-finished blog posts in the background, waiting to see if there’s a demand for them before I invest my time in them.

      1. Explode (or edit-in-place) an existing block that is close to what you need. Rename it.
      2. Keep a drawing with collections of commonly-used attributes you can build blocks from
      3. I wrote a tool to generate sequences of attributes. See
      4. Encourage me to write a block-builder tool, or a tool that collects all the blocks from all the drawings and build a library. Suggestions welcome at

      Keeping attributes in order and maintaining standards for fonts, properties, snap-to-grid etc is tedious but necessary. It makes maintaining drawings a lot less error-prone and less-annoying.

      I don’t have an answer for your XREF problem, sorry.


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