ACNE and the case of the Missing Cable Numbers

from, I’m staring at the drawing and I know all the blocks and attributes are right. I have run the drawing through ACNE more than once and I get the same result: some of the cables are missing from the cable schedule. Why?

This is an easy mystery to solve but a PITA to eradicate. The problem is that the block has been changed in some way but has not had the ATTSYNC command run on it. The attributes in the (original) block definition don’t match the ones in the insertions, the copies of the Definition that you can see.

So, to fix it, go through the motions of the ATTSYNC command. If you’re using AutoCAD LT then this command was introduced in the 2010 version. Older versions don’t offer it. If this is your dilemma, try Ctrl-C copying the whole drawing and pasting into a blank template, then use the new drawing you just created. Be aware you will lose any uninserted blocks if you abandon the old drawing. I can’t guarantee that will work because I don’t have a copy of LT to try it out on.

So, why is the ATTSYNC problem a PITA to eradicate? Well, how many blocks in your drawing set need ATTSYNCing? How can you be sure you’ve fixed them all? Also, be aware that ATTSYNCing moves all of the attributes in every occurrence of the block back to their originally-defined positions. If you have spent hours dragging attributes left, right and everywhere to make them line up then this will break that. That’s the main reason I don’t advocate moving attributes away from their defined positions – you paint yourself into a corner. Don’t do it.

One thought on “ACNE and the case of the Missing Cable Numbers

  1. Another cause of missing cable numbers … and drawings … in ACNE is the version you save it as. ACNE will silently ignore any drawing saved as version 2010 or later. Save your drawings as version 2007-9 or earlier if you want ACNE to read them.

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